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Monday, November 27 2017

We appreciate receiving emails from our customers and try our best to answer questions and implement snake gaiters for womensuggestions. Lately, many emails have been from women asking about snake proof boots. Here are a few examples of their comments:

“I am interested in a pair of snake proof boss for hiking. The ones on this site look like they would be uncomfortable for hiking. Thoughts?”

“Got any suggestions for tall, slender girls? I’ve tried on lots of boots where the calves are huge on me. And I wear a women's size 11. Thanks!”

“So all you have are snake proof boots for men? All of these boots are BUTT UGLY!!! How about a nice looking, rugged snakeproof boot for women?”

Our honest recommendation to our female customers is not to buy snake boots at all— snake gaiters for snake gaiters for womenwomen, worn over pants and with your own hiking boots, are a far better option. Same goes for snake chaps if you need snake protection above the knee. Here’s why:

Unfortunately, the major manufacturers of snake boots make them in men's sizes. Men are their target customers. And since there is no real sizing chart to convert men's to women's sizing, it is anyone’s guess what size a woman should buy. Snake gaiters or snake chaps, easily solve the problem because both are truly uni-sex is sizing.  That being said, however, if you have access to a local store that stocks boots, you may have good luck by trying them on in person. But to avoid  a lot of extra shipping costs associated with returns and exchanges, we do not suggest that women buy snake boots online. Male customers never seem to have this problem as their sizes are true and the fit is comfortable.

Another reason we suggest that women not bother with boots is because then you would be stuck wearing the same pair all the time, or would need to buy several pair with different tread or features. Depending on the weather and terrain, you may need a boot with aggressive tread for some hiking trails, but not so much for other outdoor activities in snake country such as when you are cleaning up your backyard landscaping.  Snake gaiters or chaps allow women to wear their own comfortable, stylish hiking boots to match the terrain and circumstances. You can then switch boots as often as needed. Snake gaiters are available in several colors and go with any footwear!

Snake gaiters and snake chaps are a less expensive option than boots, too, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors and brands.. Just be sure to wear a thicker hiking boot with your gaiters or chaps. Snake fangs may penetrate tennis shoes or a light hiking shoe with mesh on top or sides, so avoid those styles. Also, when you choose gaiters or chaps, there is no guessing with the size. Measure the circumference of your calves while wearing the same pants you would normally wear out in the field, compare to the sizing charts on this website, and you can’t go wrong!

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