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Snake Gaiters are worn over pants and protect roughly from your ankle to your knee. Snake Gaiters for Men and Snake Gaiters for Women.

Razer Snake Gaiters with FREE Storage Bag

Razer Snake Gaiters are light-weight (each gaiter weighs only 13 ounces) and are uniquely contoured to fit around your calves. A toe cover protects the laces of your boot. This means you have 12 inches of snake bite protection (approximately knee to ankle) with an additional 5 inches of protection over the top of your foot. 1000 denier nylon cordura covers polycarbonate inserts to stop snake fangs, cacti needles, briars, thorns, sticks, etc. Gaiters also help keep your pants clean and dry. Always wear snake gaiters over pants and with thick boots that fangs cannot penetrate. One size fits most! Razer Snake Gaiters are adjustable and will fit calves 13 to 20 inches in diameter. Measure around your calf while wearing pants. Available in black, tan and camo. Each pair is $59.98 and includes a FREE black nylon storage bag.

  • LIGHT-WEIGHT & DURABLE: 1000 denier nylon cordura covers polycarbonate inserts to stop snake fangs, cacti needles, briars, thorns, sticks, etc. Each gaiter weighs only 13 ounces — a pair is 1 lb, 11 oz.
  • FORM FITTING & COMFORTABLE: Unique design of 13 polycarbonate panels offer protection— 1 large center panel to protect the front of your lower leg, plus 12 narrow panels (6 on each side) that smoothly wrap around each calf. Tighten straps and buckles for comfort.
  • ONE SIZE for MEN & WOMEN: One size fits calf sizes 13-20 inches -- measure diameter of calf over pants.
  • LAB TESTED for SAFETY: Tested to ASTM F1342-05 Puncture Resistance of Protective Clothing Test Standard and ASTM D5420-16 Falling Weight Gardner Impact. Click here to view lab certifications. Also tested on live rattlesnakes!
  • 3 year replacement warranty for defects in materials.
  • FREE nylon storage bag with locking drawstring cinch cord!
snakearmor snake gaiters

Turtleskin Snake Armor Gaiters

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Snake Gaiters are a premium brand constructed from a super-tight patented weave of high-strength ballistic fibers and polyester. Many brands of snake gaiters are heavy, hot, stiff, and bulky, but at 6 ounces each, these gaiters are lighter in weight than most others on the market, yet are tested to repel even large rattlesnakes. And the gaiters fold compactly to approx. 8 x 8 x 2 inches for backpacking or to save storage space. Prices for the Turtleskin brand start at $149.50.

  • Lightest snake gaiter on the market - a pair of Regular weighs only 12 ounces!
  • Tested with actual, live rattlesnakes
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Also protects against thorns and briars
  • Breathable, cool, flexible, and comfortable
  • Available in Regular and Husky sizes
  • Available in camo, sage (green) and khaki (tan) combinations
  • Patented, rugged fabric
  • Sturdy, reliable zipper closure
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • TurtleSkin is a registered trademark of Warwick Mills, Inc. which also provides puncture proof gloves and body armor to law enforcement officers
  • Machine washable
  • Made in USA
turtleskin snake gaiters
snake guardz

VALUE $39.95 Great protection for hunters, fishermen, campers, ATV enthusiasts, and other outdoorsmen who charge into the thickest backwoods areas! ForEverLast Snake Guard Shields were designed to keep you safe from brushy structure and especially snakes. These lightweight shields (the pair weighs 2 pounds) provide peace of mind so that you can simply enjoy the outdoor experience. Stylish in design and coloration, the Real Tree Camo APG blends into just about any environment and is ideal for any outdoor purpose. Protects lower legs from roughly your knee to your ankle.

With its tough 900d nylon composite shell and high density polycarbonate inserts inside, one size fits most. Store in a cool dry place when not wearing. Be sure to dry them out completely prior to storage.

• Each gaiter is 20 inches wide (measured flat) x 13.5 inches high. Front boot flap is an additional 2.5 inches long. Fits calves with a 
  circumference of 18.5 inches (measured over pants and/or boots you'd normally wear in the field).
• Widest panel shields the front of your lower leg (shin), plus 5 additional panels wrap around your lower leg. Fasten with straps and
  buckles. Also on shin panel is a T-shaped area of black rubber for extra protection.
• Gaiters are made of polycarbonate covered in 900d nylon composite shell.
• Each gaiter weighs 1 pound -- the pair has a total weight of 2 pounds.
• Realtree officially licensed product.

snake gaiters

More Snake Gaiters

Several additional manufacturers offer durable snake gaiters as well. Some are made from poly-cotton fabric blends, others offer shin guards that provide extra abrasion-resistance. Some are waterproof, others have adjustable straps for ease of use.

snake gaiters
rattlesnake bite

When Should You Wear Snake Gaiters?

As humans at the top of the food chain, we sometimes feel invincible versus the other creatures that inhabit the places where we live and play. But there are still some creatures that can pose a threat. Snakes are one of these creatures. Many snakes are harmless and will go out of their way to avoid people, but some snakes are aggressive when they sense a potential challenge. You may encounter poisonous snakes in unlikely places such as your swimming pool. They also like to live within piles of wood, and they can be found in the back corners of neglected storage spaces and garages. Snakes can inhabit most any outdoor space in the woods or desert. If you know you will be venturing into an area where snakes are present, you can protect yourself with snake gaiters — the best layer of defense against deadly fangs! Snake gaiters are ideal for women and men.

Snake gaiters are worn over pants and always with thick boots or shoes that fangs can't penetrate. Gaiters protect roughly from your ankle to your knee.  Many gaiters are made from a waterproof material, and you can buy longer versions called Snake Chaps that cover from your ankle to your hip. Many people also wear snake boots to prevent snake bites.

You should wear gaiters whenever you visit areas where snakes live. Many southern and western states, especially Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, and more, are home to a wide variety of poisonous snakes such as rattlers. You cannot always easily identify a poisonous snake by sight, so it is better to treat ALL snakes as if their bite is deadly.  Even if you are aware of the differences, the subtle signs may not be apparent from a distance. As such, even if you are wearing snake bite protection, it is best to avoid an interaction with a snake.

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    $200 or more = $14.95
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